Our all-natural buffalo burgers are a lean, healthy alternative for customers looking to swap out the beef in their diet and replace it with something more interesting (and, to some, more delicious). Buffalo may sound intimidating, but you should find that it has a lighter, more delicate flavor than beef and can be eaten as a buffalo steak. It can even be ground up for burgers and meatballs. Our buffalo are grass-fed and raised on the Great American Plains and then flash-frozen at the peak of freshness. When you place an order online, we deliver the perfect buffalo burger directly to you.

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Since it’s delicious and flavorful, restaurants order their bison meat online from us to make their meals. Why not order it yourself and prepare a restaurant-worthy meal at home? Buffalo meat isn’t much harder to prep than any other meat you might enjoy, and the type we sell is gourmet and hard to resist. Whether you’re looking for buffalo steak or buffalo burger, we have you covered.

Our most popular option is our flavorful buffalo burgers. Each patty comes perfectly formed, ready to be dropped on the grill or seared in a cast iron and then topped with whatever you desire. Of course, this isn’t the only delicious buffalo product we have available–we also offer:

Swap out the beef in your diet for buffalo for a satisfying and healthy spin on your favorite recipes. We source our all-natural buffalo from suppliers who focus on raising the highest-quality, antibiotic, and hormone-free buffalo meat available. Whether you’re looking for pre-formed buffalo burgers or ground buffalo meat, we handle all of your needs by allowing you to order your bison meat online and skip the grocery line.

Our high-quality buffalo steaks are a favorite used by steakhouses in the USA and are now available to the public. All our products are thoughtfully sourced from the best suppliers in the business, and it is our goal to bring you the healthiest and most delicious meat available on the market. Have you had gourmet buffalo meat before? Give it a try!