Our Premium New Zealand Lamb is available in a variety of cuts and sizes. Restaurants and home cooks alike seek out mild, buttery flavor lamb for savory meals. This distinctive flavor makes our chops and lamb racks a gourmet option that will stand out in comparison to the local butcher shop’s offerings in your area. We’re sure of it.

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Our imported lamb is fed on the vast grasslands of New Zealand, and that leads to the distinct flavor the meat has. Enjoy a delicious rack of lamb delivery at your convenience! We supply the best quality ground lamb and lamb chops to restaurants, and if you’re craving a professional meal at home, use our signature ground lamb to make lamb burgers, shepherd’s pies, and lamb meatballs.

Our best-selling lamb cuts include:

You can’t go wrong with a perfectly trimmed lamb rack for the holidays. Lamb isn’t restricted to one season: consider the smell of delicious ground lamb burgers seared over an open grill during summer. Why choose lamb? Lamb is naturally rich in protein and low in sodium and can be cooked in everything from a curry to a roast dinner. Lamb is good in all seasons and all weather, whether you’re BBQing lamb burgers in the summer or eating a shepherd’s pie in the winter months.

New Zealand is famous for its sheep, and this reputation is why we import New Zealand lamb specifically. New Zealand lamb is high-quality, flavorful, and tender from years of careful breeding. This leads to the tender, deep-flavored lamb that has a fine grain with firm marbling. When this meat is ground, it leads to the best lamb burgers around.

That said, we also offer domestic lamb on special request. Please contact us to learn more about domestic lamb and special orders.