You’ll find that at Today Gourmet Foods of NC, we are committed to delivering superior meat delivery. Packed full of lean, heart-healthy protein, our Duroc pork is the best of the best. The superior freshness and juicy flavor in our moist pork make for an exceptional meal experience to rival restaurant meals.

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Pork is incredibly versatile and one of the most sought-after healthy options for a meal. Our most popular products include:

Duroc Pork: A Legacy of Superior Quality

The Duroc breed of pig used for pork is known for its superior marbling and increased intramuscular fat, leading to a juicy and tender Berkshire pork chop. This rich flavored pork is in the top 2% of all pork in terms of exceptional marbling and meat quality. Extra thick and extra meaty, our Duroc pork makes for an unbelievably good meal for you and your guests.

All our pork is hormone-free and raised in the USA from award-winning pork bloodlines. Throw our chops on the grill and enjoy the exceptional taste as it’s seared to perfection. This gourmet pork is precisely cut to give you the best hearty thickness and taste.

Ordering our pork and having it delivered to your door is the easy part. Deciding how to cook our Berkshire pork chops might be harder, with the wealth of options available. You can pan-fry, grill, or bake our Duroc pork for a flavorful meal. For breakfast, settle in with a heaping plate of Nueske’s bacon, the applewood smoked bacon so good it’s won national acclaim!

Our Duroc pork is flash-frozen for long-lasting, quality freshness. We guarantee our premium, delicious pork will rival the options of your local butcher. Give it a try. Your taste buds won’t lie!