Our premium cut beef is USDA Upper 2/3 Choice Midwestern beef. This USDA prime beef delivery is purchased by some of the finest restaurants in the United States and is now available to the public. We offer USDA prime beef delivery via special order. We also provide wagyu beef delivery and grass-fed tomahawk steak.

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We have a variety of wagyu beef options to choose from, including Australian, Japanese, and American wagyu beef. Find the perfect wagyu cuts, with Marble Scales of 3-5 here. We can also special order Waygu up to a Marble Scale of 9.

USDA prime beef grades include prime, choice, and select–top-tier premium cuts. If you’re looking for the finest cuts of beef, look no further. We have a variety of cuts for every palette. Plus, we offer a variety of beef options, giving you the best options to choose from, including:

All of our beef is hormone and antibiotic-free and is specifically sourced from ethical farmers around the world. You’ll love our offerings of Angus pure grass fed beef from Australia. Enjoy every bite, no matter which cut, style, or marbling level you choose.

Are you looking for something to take your BBQ to the next level? Consider filet mignon/Angus burgers to bring it up a notch. The flavors of these burgers are unlike any other burger out there! We even offer Nathan’s all-beef hotdogs. You can also find pre-made options that make your meal planning easier than ever before. From pre-made meatballs to North Carolina Homemade Brunswick Stew, all of our meats and meals are pre-portioned and packaged for easy storage.

All our beef is flash frozen, shipped directly to your door, and thoughtfully packaged for your satisfaction. We can also custom-cut all of our steaks for any need you may have. Please contact us today with your special requests or questions.