Here at Today Gourmet Foods of NC, we source our veal from the heart of the Midwest. It’s a guarantee that you’re going to enjoy the best veal cutlets straight from the Heartland. Our products are hand-selected for maximum tenderness, quality, and marbling by our suppliers from the best milk-fed stock. Order veal online to have a quality meal available at any time.

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Make a steakhouse meal in the comfort of your home with our high-quality veal products:

Our veal is served at the finest restaurants and steakhouses in the United States. This is the easiest way to order veal online. Veal cutlets are flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed to keep in your freezer for up to 12 months and still be juicy and tender. This process allows you to have quality veal on hand for special occasions. Moist, slower cooking is the perfect way to cook veal.

If you’re raring to get started, we won’t keep you waiting. Hit our frenched veal chops with your favorite seasoning and sear them to medium rare for a steakhouse meal at home. All of our veal is hormone-free and hand-selected from milk-fed stock. For example, our Osso bucco cut is a braising cut from the leg, and slow-braising this particular cut of shank will lead to a fork-tender experience.

From our veal cutlets to our veal porterhouse, each cut of meat has a natural pink color that tastes as appealing as it looks, with subtle marbling that gives the meat its inherent flavor and tenderness. If you’re in the mood for a fine-dining experience, look no further than our veal options. Order veal online with us today for your special occasions.