Our standard
product line includes

  • Antibiotic free poultry
  • Wild caught seafood
  • Grass fed beef Midwestern pork, choice or higher
  • New Zealand and domestic lamb
  • Appetizers, side dishes, desserts
  • Midwestern corn and grain fed beef, upper 2/3 choice or higher, with Prime beef also available
  • Fully cooked products
  • Gluten-free products
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customer reviews

We just ordered for the first time veal shanks from TGF and the shanks got here earlier than expected, beautifully packaged and the shanks are huge! We got a Sunday delivery! My husband's birthday is tomorrow so we are elated that he will have Osso Bucco on his actual day. This is a great company! I highly recommend them. Thank you TGF!

- Danielle Cahill Velardi

It's here!!! Yes. We are originally from Florida with the family based from the Bahamas. Now that we live in VA conch is not available. The conch came packaged in five- l lb packets. Thoughtfully packaged in a cooler with additional cool packs inside. The quality of the conch is very good. Question to the family: Are we making conch fritters this weekend or tonight? Answer: tonight. Why did I even ask. Thank you!!

- ElleBella

Great customer service! It’s hard to find fresh conch meat where I live. This tasted exactly like the conch meat my family would bring back from the Caribbean. I used the conch to make fritters and it was delicious! The packaging was great too. It arrived on time and was still frozen. I am so happy to have finally found a place to get fresh conch meat.

- FlowersInTheGarden

Best conch I have ever had. I live in Utah now and no one here knows what conch is. I made over 100 conch fritters for a work party and it was completely devoured. The conch was so tasty and fresh. Thanx for assisting to bring a cultural experience to the state of Utah.

- miamibsn

Bought this as part of my new homemade-dog food "hobby" (I have a picky, sensitive-stomach, allergy-ridden fur-ball). This is a dog who ate every 2-3 days over the past 4 years. He never misses a meal now! He loves the 'stew' that this makes! Perfect mix of lean to fat tissue for my needs! And packaging and delivery was amazing (which was a concern for me buying meat online).

- LAJ473

Looks good, Tastes Really good. Very nice chicken preparation. Must defrost before cooking, (that means leave in refrigerator over night.) but bakes in 20 minutes. Portions are individually wrapped which makes for easy handling and freezer storage. Portions are very generous. Some people think I am a real good cook now! (fools).

- Bob